She as a Lone Ranger(Part III)

capture111He tried to answer her but with unique connection of souls.

Yes! he already answered but silently to his own soul.He thanked to God and expressed his gratitude for helping him found someone perfect. He was searching someone like that. Being with her in any of the way was liked he found that last remaining part of his puzzle. Like he found a lake in a dry desert. Like he found another galaxy to live in. He isn’t in his own control. It was so confusing for him. They were the awesome but hard moments for him. BUT BUT BUT……….

He wasn’t having enough strength. Though he could write “a never ending book” in her description, he was not able to spoke a single word to her. He tried his best to avoid that question because he knew answering questions would down the value of her. And he could never tolerate that. He was still waiting for the right time… 😦



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