“Knives in the Dark”

“I was living my life so good with my best pal. He was so close to me. We were sharing moments a lot. We were doing so funny in life. I still remember how we were used to crack jokes during lecture, how we comment on teacher’s style, how we mimics the teachers. That were the invaluable moments. He was giving the best to support me and I was doing the same. The days passed and we grew with time. The day came when I got an amazing opportunity to work on my project. It was going to be my best project. I shared with him. I decided to involve him on his demand. He was also doing amazing. The final time came where we gonna execute our project. Only few days left. And as the life is not that easy, one damn call i had on my cellphone. “Your project is executed earlier by ****(my pal)”- the cellphone spoked. I was so surprised to hear. Immediately I went to meet him. I wanted to ask the reason for execution without notifying me. The worst was still to happen. He replied to me. That bloody reply had given the deepest wound in my heart. He replied, “Who are you? I want beggars out of my house.” In such silence of the moment, there was a huge cracking sound of someone’s heart which no one else can hear. He stealed that project from my hand. I still don’t want to trouble him much and left from there. I have never looked back again on him. ”



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