She as a Lone Ranger (Part-IV)

Contd.  …

ninja-normal-1024x768 Pic credit- internet,

…He was waiting for the right time but as she forced him, in one terrible and unbearable moment he was so confused and lost his thinking capabilities. Describing and explaining her in a beautiful way by taking help of poetry. He thought to strengthen her more. He thought to give her permanent company. He thought making his hard life a bit easy with her. He had dreamed about many things. Alas! the luck laughed on him as always. She rejected his efforts. She threw him on that way in which he didn’t deserve. She indirectly called him and his way the cheap. The things gone hard for him. He used to be so strong but even the mountain have weaknesses. He broke so deeply that no word could explain. On the verge of self extinction he took overdose of pills. He was suffering from tremendous pain. Luckily, someone saved him and took him to hospital and admitted him. On being conscious he realized it was nothing more than he was taught great lessons by the life. Of course from then he would not dare to trust anyone anymore. He was trying to change the things but in return what he got. He also realized that it was also problematic for her also. She was also so scared about being heard of him. He still can’t see her in pain. He regretted of it. Mostly people got into that evil which we call “revenge” when something like this happen. But he was quite different and yes he struggled to not let that evil control him. He succeeded in that. He is still pure from heart but he is again alone as he was. 😦 The things got changed that he never expected.   ….to be contd.







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