After the war – creates a new war

In war, there was the time when the highly patriotic men and women of the nation shows their bravery. There were always the judgement days. The army men at the duties. The local guardians at the services. The sounds of shouting warriors at the battlefield. The media press at the rush. The Peace at the risk. The great personalities at their opinions. The businesses at the line of disturbance. Economical condition about to shrink.

No matter against whom the war is but it always creates a new war. This newly formed war is not of the nation or not major. A new war of memories. A new war of poverty. A new war of economy. A new war of Finances, Wealth, Businesses, sorrow and many more.

War of memories- that true warriors who sacrificed themselves for others. The memories of someone’s father, someone’s brother, someone’s son, someone’s love, someone’s partner. The silent war of memories that occurs which is almost terrible.Someone is still waiting for him to come back. Someone is still waiting for the miracle to happen. The people are in the sorrow of martyrs.

War of hunger, poverty- the people faces as they didn’t have someone who earn bread. Also those who have but didn’t get that much. The handful of wealth is not enough to feed. War of economy which had disturbed so much. No particular calculations left. Somewhere high profit whereas somewhere high loss are reported. Businesses were disturbed.

“WAR never a solution. It can be only destruction.”


(Photo credit:, internet)



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