Father: The girl’s first superhero

Hey…Papa. Missing you a lot.

You was the one who welcomed me in this world. You was the one who took me in your holy hands and danced in joy when I was born. Who helped me ride my first bicycle’s ride. My first classmate of the first day of my school. My sad time companion. Holding your finger to walk great that i could never forgot. Being with you, I was feeling myself as the most powerful person. With you, kills my all fears. You was my first superhero a lot better than ‘Superman‘ or any ‘Spiderman‘.

It was you who fought for me day and night. That nights which made me sick but having you beside me was the best medicine to recover. The one who corrected me in every silly mistakes and supported  me wherever i needed. I used to broke sometimes but the way you  rebuild me was incomparable. You treated me more than a princess. No things was such valuable in market/shops that can resist you to buy for me. That hilarious singing and dancing in a super untoned way together made me cry more. The way you enlighten to live life will be always the path of mine. No one can ever replace your place. You was the one and only one in my life. I promise never let you down. Your expectations would be my goals. No matter how far you are but I will always proud to have you as my ‘Superhero‘ as my ‘FATHER‘.



(photo credit: http://www.scaryforkids.com, internet)

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