“Hopeful Eyes”

As near I had gone,

Those took me in radar.

Soon I felt

Their retina had been replaced,

having the hope instead.

Their eyes on me,

which locked me in a kind of custody.

Demanded food as a ransom.

Almost killed me deep somewhere,

their hopeful eyes.


One of the intensively shocking experience I had that wonderful day. Two eyes of their parents or you can say two sisters came in search for the food. I would never called them beggars. According to me they are like refugees. She looked at me with hopeful eyes. I talked to them and realized that food can solve their whole trouble. Somehow, I had managed to get enough food for them. But one of that girl had hidden something. On asking to unveil the secret, she showed some chapatis(bread) which she saved for her brother. Her words were “Ye sab mene mere bhai ke liye bachaya he. Vo bohot bukha he. Usko khilaana zaruri he.” She was even ready to remain hungry so that she could feed her brother. I felt myself so small in front of her. I promised “I will feed your brother too”. Hearing this, she smiled so great that impossible to describe. I had never seen such innocent, most happiest smile before.

This is what a real love mean. Small people gives the most appropriate answer to “How to live life between ‘Love’ and ‘Struggle’ ??”.


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