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“Her Tears”

Something goes wrong

Never heard her like before,

Her voice was and eyes might like

A sad violin tune and turbulent sea comprised

playing not so far and about to flow down;

Dripping liquid Gold ,Her Tears;

Rolling Diamonds, Her Tears;

Fading the daylight, Her Tears;

Flood in desert, Her Tears;

Wish could be there

to save , Her racing Heart;

to warm, her cold pulses;

to scratch; her fears;

to wipe rolling, Her tears.

Her Tears.



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Beauty of You

The Stream of every color

originates from you,

But you choose the

color of Love

to fill my Universe with it.


The Life in every moments

that you had injected

in my universe,

In your absence

resembles the

Beauty of You.



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Do you remember

that night of December 

when I shouted and cried in pain 

but all my efforts went in vain… 

You molested me and played me like a toy

and did all this just for your joy….

Didn’t the rakhis on your wrists remind…

That you had sisters at home and still you were so unkind… 

In order to prove how manly you were

you have put a spot of shame on the face of every individual…. 

Was being a girl was the fault I did? 

That in the moving bus I was assaulted… 

And that act was such a shame 

that it defamed every man’s name… 

And now every girl questions her security needs

As in the faces of humans there are so many beasts…. 

Oh Dear Future

Oh dear future, I am so tensed

Huhh I wonder do my thoughts make any sense?
And sometimes these tensions make me wanna shout…

That will I ever make people around me proud??
Will I ever stand independently on my feet..

Like the world remembers legends, will it ever remember me??
Oh dear future I wonder how you’ll be..

Will I ever be able to change my destiny..!!!


Crush ❤

​My friends tease me from your name
Ohhh.. I wanna blush…
But can’t do that in public
Coz don’t wanna prove that you are my crush…!!

Sometimes I wonder whether you have the feelings as same..
But then comes the thought that dear it’s just a stupid one sided game…!!

And then when I see your smile
I feel like you are mine for life…!!

But then hits the reality and the thought gets flushed…
Coz baby you are just my crush!!!