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Too much to ask

When there is a call of Love and Hearts,
An inch more closer to you, Deep-dive in eyes,
and some sweet lies;

Not only sitting besides recalling old good times
but interlocked hands passing warmth of you,
gulping emotions heartbeat skipped through;

When all eyes will watch us together, No matter
But I’ll still dance with you and heal your wound;
I need you when there is no peace around;

Together we’ll live our hardtimes like coffee and cakes,
Ask you to wide open your heart letting me in
and forgive all my mistakes.

If this is all I have to say then


It’s Only You

Coming from far a hush
But all that became good
When I finally made it
To see you. It’s only you.

Rain decorated the moments
What a shinny night it was!
You and me just walkin
Under the same umbrella.

Didn’t have any idea
Where were we going,
But I didn’t want to stop
‘Cause it was you. It’s only you.

A much silence was around
except the violins in my heart.
Melodies were coming as
every elements was singing.

All I wanted is to keep all going
Drowned in starry eyes,
Frozen by your smile,
It was all about you.
It’s only you.


By: SilverCloud

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They said “Today is Promise Day and You should ask whatever you want as promise and your partner have to grant it”. “Golden Opportunity, isn’t it?”.

No Dear, Love is about giving. Love is about sacrifices.

What a promise should be like? Here:

I promise you to be

Your Delivery Boy which only delivers happiness,

Your Shield which can stop every sharp metals coming to harm you,

Your Hero in the movie of your life,

Your SecretBook in which you can write your feelings,

Your Mirror so that you can feel/see yourself too  being with me,

Your finest, purest, unique Love of life,

Your Everything.





I used to be a traveler

traveling in this world alone,

Walking down through the lanes

of feelings and emotions.


Journey was quite unusual till then;

Hurt and broken

never subject to spare,

looked like the World never care.


Lost in my own world,

trying to live on the same timeline with all,

Though soul of mine is unfit to world,

was looking for a good companion.



Found another Traveler

Traveling like the silent breeze,

beauty with purity was she

Dissatisfied with the same world.


Unaware about future, we

At the point of intersection

of our paths along journey,

now share the same destination.



Cold Breath

Snow falling from the heights,

Bonfire with melody songs,

Watching the bird and cloud flights,

We both together alone.


Under the starry night,

On the wooden bench,

Beneath smiling moonlight,

Owning a clone of time;


A scene is pretty in its own,

Holding hand so calm,

Forgetting the race of clockhands,

We share candied moments.


Candle light is what we feed either

the endurance of your soul,

Violin is best at times,

Raining the dance together.

By: SilverCloud (Admin)

Sick SocialMedia! please HELP

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. – Wikipedia

Hello Reader, What strikes in your mind when you see above Definition ? Wait… don’t look again.  Here it is –

  1. The creation and sharing of information
  2. Ideas
  3. Career Interests, etc.

How Sick is the Social Media?

Let us focus and redefine the above some indicated points.

The creation and sharing of Information

The information which are being created every moment on the Social media are so much fake that one cannot imagine.  Many politicians create fake info having some kind of their work with figures that never actually exist. Many terrorist’s organizations creating stuff which could frighten people. Racists got their favorite platform where can they spread racism without any restrictions. There is no shortage of such fake information creator providing useless and false information.

And the further step is “Sharing” of information. Sharing such improper information is equally wrong as creating it. Users using Social Media, most of them are not only believe in such rubbish information but also sharing blindly on Social Media. Hence as a result, such information take trend.

Career Interests, guidelines..

Today as you can see, all are aware of using Social Media and also how to promote their own companies, products, organizations, etc.

If someone go online and surf for career guidelines or opportunities then he/she get only a bunch of never ending promotions of products. There might someone who can understand frustation at that time.

The most crucial part that make me write this article is:

SOCIAL MEDIA is Sick!!!!!

Social Media like Facebook and Instagram is overflowing with Post Breakup Feelings. Majority of the youth is contributing unknowingly in making Social Media bad to use. Teenagers posting their post breakup feelings -absolutely sad and conclusive about other gender, also using Social Media for harassment and stealing private information.

The World could be better if Teenagers share their achievements, awards, Motivational stuff, Ideas for betterment of future, etc. You can really imagine How positive atmosphere it would be then. You cannot blame others instead you have to initiate the change for better, harmless and secure Social Media.

Please I request you on behalf of youth that stop this all illegal and useless activities on Social  Media and spread limitless positivity for growth and betterment of nation so that further generation could be more safer.

Help Social Media . Spread Peace and Positivity around.



“Her Tears”

Something goes wrong

Never heard her like before,

Her voice was and eyes might like

A sad violin tune and turbulent sea comprised

playing not so far and about to flow down;

Dripping liquid Gold ,Her Tears;

Rolling Diamonds, Her Tears;

Fading the daylight, Her Tears;

Flood in desert, Her Tears;

Wish could be there

to save , Her racing Heart;

to warm, her cold pulses;

to scratch; her fears;

to wipe rolling, Her tears.

Her Tears.



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Beauty of You

The Stream of every color

originates from you,

But you choose the

color of Love

to fill my Universe with it.


The Life in every moments

that you had injected

in my universe,

In your absence

resembles the

Beauty of You.



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